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New: Control your 2014, 2015 or 2016 Samsung Smart TV.

Remote control all features of your Smart TV easily – right from your Android smart phone or tablet. Tvisted supports Samsung Smart TVs over WiFi and about 4200 additional devices of different brands via infrared.

For Samsung 2010 to 2013 Smart TVs and IR Blaster:

For 2014 to 2016 Samsung Smart TVs (Tizen-based):

Favorite Channels

Tvisted puts your favorite channels right at your fingertip. Channel numbers filled out beforehand if you’re in Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland, Russia or Ukraine. More to come.

Remote Control

Tvisted comes with all features of the “classical” TV remote control. If your mobile device has an infrared blaster, you can even remote control your stereo, set-top box or disc player.

Simple gestures

Tvisted also allows to control the TV with simple gestures – no need to stare on your mobile. Simply swipe to zap through channels and adjust the TV’s volume.

We’re tvisted.

We’ve launched our mobile app about 7 months ago, focusing on TV remote control features. Since then, there’s been continuous development – because we actually want to go much further than just being a TV remote control on your smartphone. We want to create the best mobile TV app in the world.

We’re just getting started.

Right now, Tvisted supports Samsung Smart TVs being on the same WiFi – and there’s also a beta version for Phillips Smart TVs available on Google Play. A few weeks ago we’ve silently launched an update that can control about 4200 additional devices – using infrared. If your mobile device has an infrared blaster, literally any possible device in your living room can be controlled, be it a stereo, a disc player or a set top box. And last but not least: any kind of TV.

And we like to be challenged.

We want to enable you to discover, play and participate on any possible content, be it live TV, web videos, home movies, or video rentals. Simply the most powerful content discovery and remote control app ever brought onto a mobile device. With the best experience using your mobile device and the TV attached.

There’s still a long way to go – hence we kindly ask you to tell us about any kind of issue you experience.

Check the Q&A for details

How it works

Tvisted connects to your Samsung Smart TV using WiFi.

To do so, your TV and your mobile device have to be on the same local network.

Tvisted works on all Android Smartphones running OS version 2.3 or later. Samsung Smart TVs from 2011 or newer, precisely: the C-, D-, E- and F-Series, can be detected automatically. Automatic detection works with all TVs from generations E and F, but only partially with generations C and D – provided your router allows UpNP broadcast. If it doesn’t, you will have to enter the TVs IP address manually.

Got no Samsung Smart TV – but a mobile device with infrared blaster? 

Nice surprise: Tvisted can remote control over 4200 devices using infrared – TV’s, stereos, disc players, set top boxes and more.

Just point into the right direction, like you did with your old remote.

  • Connect using WiFi

    Make sure your Samsung Smart TV is turned on and both the TV and your mobile device are connected to your home network

  • Universal Plug and Play

    If your router supports UPnP, your Samsung Smart TV will be detected automatically

  • Or enter IP manually

    If you’re TV can’t be found on the network, you’ll have to enter its IP address manually

  • Or use infrared ...

    No Samsung Smart TV? Then, you’ll need a mobile device with an infrared blaster

  • ... to control any device

    Your smart phone or tablet has got an infrared blaster? Control any device you want

What users say about our app

Chris Locke

Very nice but… The layout is the best I’ve seen so far but the source and power buttons do not function for my HT-FM53. These are probably the most useful buttons so it is kinda useless now.

Chris LockeMarch 22, 2014via Google Play
Douglas Gomes
Very good. Phone LG4 and Samsung TV. Realmente o APP é muito bom.
Douglas GomesMarch 3, 2014via Google Play
Yahia Al Qariouty

Perfect For Samsung f8000 series it’s perfect, am controlling both Sam TV and osn show box at the same time, really excellent, only wish if there’s a pause button

Yahia Al QarioutyFebuary 27, 2014via Google Play
Shawn Hafen

Looks nice but… How do you enter channels like 28-2 or 7-3 etc…

Shawn HafenFebruary 24, 2014via Google Play
Mhammad Kalakech

The only working app

Mhammad Kalakech February 22, 2014via Google Play
Angus Exner

Not bad So far the app looks great has an excellent looking UI compared to the stock “watch on” app included with my s4 but being that I’m using the IR (I know it’s in beta) it really needs more codes to make all the “extra” buttons work (especially the color buttons) using with my Samsung tv, still nearly as capable as the stock app just needs the extra codes. 5 stars once the additional codes for Samsung tvs are added.

Angus ExnerFebruary 21, 2014via Google Play

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