What you need

A Samsung H- or J-series TV

Tvisted works well with with the majority of 2014 and 2015 Samsung TVs with the Tizen operating system. Esp. with the 2015 platform Samsung not all TVs feature the remote control API. For the 2015 platform the minimum is a J5500 TV. There are many J5200 TVs in the homes which will not work (Samsung wants you to spend more money if you want a remote control API).

2014: H4500, H5500 and above (except H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203).
2015: J5500 and above (except J6203 – use our other app) and the J4500 model.

LAN or WiFi connection

Have your TV and your mobile Android device connected to the same router.

Please have UPnP enabled on your router. Depending on the manufacturer, this is enabled by default. UPnP helps the app to detect the TV.

If you have no UPnP please have the IP of your TV at hand, either by looking it up in the router or on the TV (menu-network status).

Steps to take

  • Have TV and mobile connected to same LAN or Wifi

    Please ensure the devices are properly connected, wired or wireless. We see many support cases where both TV and android device are in different networks.

  • Let the TV boot up (60 sec.)

    Depending on model the TVs need 30 to 60 seconds to boot and connect to the network

  • Launch Tvisted app and have it search

    The app uses UPnP broadcast on app launch. The app waits 6 seconds for devices to reply.

  • Search again (and again) if needed

    In case the initial search does not detect the TV, let the app search again. Start the search by clicking the button. On this search the app guesses all IP addresses on the local network segment (WiFi only) and searches using UPnP. This search is slow (> 1 min.) but helps in case UPnP is not available.

    Try again after some time, and again. Often, Samsung TVs are sometimes very lazy responding to these requests (or often just busy sending data to Samsung servers).

    Enter the IP manually if a new search does not help.

  • Connect

    On the first connection the TV will present a 4 digit pin code. Please enter in the app. It is reused in the future – no need to enter it again.