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    What do the Samsung Smart TV model codes mean?

    Example: UN64F6500XZA

    Samsung Smart TV model codes follow a strict pattern. First, there’s 2 characters indicating the technology type of the TV panel and the sales region, e.g. “UN”, “UE” and “UA” refers to TV sets with backlit LCD panels. “UN” marks North American models, while “UE” is intended for Europe and “UA” for Asia/Australia.

    Next, the size of the TV panel is mentioned (in inch), e.g. “30”, “40”, “46”, “55” or “60”, followed by a single character indicating the generation (and the manufacturing year): “C” (2010), “D” (2011), “E” (2012), “F” (2013) or “H” (2014).

    The next (typically) 4 digits refer to the model series and color. “6500” is a so-called “Series 6” model in black/silver, the “6510” is the same model in a different color (white/silver).

    Forget about the 3 characters at the end of the model code – unless you want to check if your TV was intentionally sold in your country: “XZA” or “XAA” means the target country is US.

    For more details on the model codes check out

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